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Hero Dog Rescue is a Georgia-based not for profit organization dedicated to saving abandoned, abused and neglected dogs from high kill shelters.  We believe that no animal should die without knowing a loving home.  To that end, through our 100% volunteer operated organization, we work with dogs of all breeds and ages and place them in loving foster homes.  While in our care, all dogs receive comprehensive medical and behavioral attention so they are ready to find their forever homes. 


Our organization is operated solely on donations from our compassionate supporters and requested in an ethical, honest, and transparent manner.  



  • We make positive things happen for the dogs in our care.

  • We value our community of supporters and strongly believe that everyone is entitled to treatment that is dignified and loving.

  • We surround ourselves with individuals who possess high moral standards and a passion and commitment to improving the lives of dogs.



  • We are responsive to the needs of our adopters, volunteers and supporters and do everything we can to assure their satisfaction.

  • We provide safe and positive foster homes where dogs are given the proper structure, tools and freedom to ensure a successful future.

  • We strive to maximize every dollar donated to assist as many dogs in need as possible.


  • We listen, actively seek input, and value the opinions of our volunteers.

  • We recognize that every rescue operates with a common mission, and will work in a collaborative manner that is in the best interest of the dogs to achieve our mission.



  • We are passionate about rescue and our desire is to conduct business in a fair and honest manner.

  • We will do the right thing for the animals in our care.



Founder & Chief Executive Officer



Founder & Chairman



Founder & Vice-Chairman



Founder & Secretary


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