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Before applying, please read the following requirements.

  1. Once we receive your application, we will contact your vet and landlord for reference checks (if applicable) prior to contacting you.

  2. An approved adoption application does not guarantee an adoption. In addition, some dogs require special situations, and we depend on our foster families to make the best decision on who adopts their foster.

  3. Adoption Fees - Our adoption fee is $400 for dogs under 1 year, $375 for dogs 1 - 7 years and $350 for dogs 8 years and older.

  4. Puppies – If a puppy is under the age of 16 weeks, we will only adopt to residents of Georgia.

  5. Age - Adopters must be 21 years of age.

  6. Out of State Adoptions - We only adopt dogs out of state that are over 16 weeks, and the applicant must live in a surrounding state (AL, NC, SC, TN, FL). 

  7. Vet History Checks – This is completed prior to approving your application.  All current dogs must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations (distemper/parvo and rabies) prior to application approval.  Cats should be spayed/neutered and current on rabies. We will also need to verify you are purchasing monthly prevents.

  8. Homechecks - These are completed as part of the adoption process and any pre-adoption is not considered final until the homecheck takes place.  Our main goal during the homecheck is to ensure your home is a safe living space and meets the requirements of the specific dog you are applying for.  We will need to ensure that all of your current pets are living in the main living space of your home.  We will check the fence (if applicable) and ensure there are no escape areas.

  9. Commitment - Understand that adding a rescue to your family is a time and financial commitment.  Recognize that no dog is perfect, and be willing to commit to the dog on current and future behavioral and medical issues.

  10. Additional Requirements - There may be additional requirements for the dog you are applying for such as requiring a certain type of home, medical needs, etc. Those will be discussed once your application is approved and sent to the foster parent.



Step 1 - Apply

Step 2 - Approval

Fill out the below application with complete and accurate information.

Your application is sent to one of our volunteers who will review your application and contact you within 48 hours.

Step 3 - Meet

Your approved application is sent to the foster. They will provide more information about the dog and schedule a meet and greet.

Step 4 - Adopt

If all parties agree it is a good fit, the foster will perform a homecheck, collect the adoption fee and complete the adoption contract.


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